Keroseno & Finito Online Store Policies

1. Orders and Shipping:
Orders placed on the Kerosene & Finito online store will be processed and dispatched
as promptly as possible.
We reserve the right to delay orders, not exceeding two months, in exceptional circumstances such as
logistical issues, production problems, or force majeure. In such cases, we commit to keeping customers
informed of any delays.
2. Returns:
Returns of products are not accepted unless they arrive defective or damaged. In such cases, customers
should contact our customer service within 7 days
of receiving the order to request a replacement.
3. Product Quality:
We strive to offer high-quality products. However, in the event of receiving a defective product, please
contact our customer service ( with clear images of the defect for effective
4. Pop Up and Giveaways:
Occasionally, a Pop Up may appear requesting the user's email address to participate in giveaways of
free copies or other promotions.
Data Handling:
The collected information will be used exclusively for promotional and marketing purposes related to
Kerosene & Finito.
We commit to safeguarding user privacy and will not share or sell the collected information to third
Users can opt out at any time and request the removal of their data from
our email list.
5. Payment and Security:
Payments will be processed securely through reliable payment methods. We do not store credit card
information in our systems.
6. Additional Information:
For additional information or clarifications about our policies, customers can contact our customer
service via email
By making a purchase on the Keroseno & Finito online store, customers acknowledge and agree to these
These policies are subject to change, and any modifications will be effective once posted on our

Kerosene & Finito Equal Opportunities Policy:

1. Inclusive Environment:

The Equal Opportunities Policy extends to Keroseno & Finito, ensuring an inclusive environment for all
involved in our website.
2. Non-Discrimination:
We strictly prohibit discrimination based on any protected characteristic, including but not limited to
race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, etc.
3. Diversity and Representation:
Our goal is to actively promote diversity in our products and projects, ensuring varied perspectives and
inclusivity in our offerings.
4. Inclusive Design:
We commit to implementing features that make the Kerosene & Finito project accessible to diverse
audiences. This includes providing clear product descriptions, easy navigation, and compatibility with
assistive technologies.
5. Transparent Decision-Making:
We will maintain transparency in decision-making processes related to our project, ensuring that diverse
voices have a say in key aspects of product selection.
and presentation.
6. Regular Audits and Assessments:
The commitment to conducting regular audits and assessments, as described in the Equal Opportunities
Policy, extends to the merchandising store. We will evaluate our products and practices to ensure
diversity and representation.
7. Continuous Learning:
We will foster a culture of continuous learning within the team, staying informed about evolving social
dynamics and best practices in promoting diversity
and representation.
8. Accessibility:
Accessibility considerations, as described in the Equal Opportunities Policy, will be implemented to
ensure inclusivity.
9. Reporting mechanisms:
Clear procedures will be established for reporting incidents of discrimination or policy violations within
the merchandising store, and we encourage customers to report
any concerns promptly.
10. Review and Revision:
The regular review and revision process of the Equal Opportunities Policy will extend to the policies of
the entire project to ensure relevance and effectiveness.

Keroseno & Finito Anti-Harassment Policy:

1.Harassment-Free Environment:
The Anti-Harassment Policy is implemented to maintain a harassment-free environment within the
Kerosene & Finito website.
2. Definition of Harassment:
The definition of harassment, as described in the Anti-Harassment Policy, is applicable to all interactions
within the project.

3. Prevention and Reporting:
We encourage customers to promptly report any incidents to
4. Confidentiality:
Customer reports will be treated confidentially as much as possible. Information related to a report will
be shared only with those who need to know to
address the issue effectively.
5. Investigation and Action:
Upon receiving a report, a prompt and thorough investigation will be conducted. Appropriate corrective
action will be taken based on the results of the investigation.
6. Training and Awareness:
Regular training sessions and awareness programs will be conducted to educate customers about what
constitutes harassment, the reporting process, and the consequences of engaging in or tolerating
7. Review
This policy will be periodically reviewed to ensure its effectiveness and relevance on the merchandising
store. Adjustments will be made as needed to maintain a safe and respectful shopping environment.
shopping environment.

Keroseno & Finito Environmental Policy and Commitment for the
Keroseno & Finito Environmental Policy and Commitment for the Official Website:

Policy statement:
We are committed to environmental sustainability and have formalized our commitment through an
official environmental policy. This policy serves as a guiding document shared with all team members,
partners, and collaborators, outlining our commitment to sustainability and addressing the climate
Strategic Planning:
Climate considerations are integral to our strategic planning process. Sustainability goals are embedded
in our strategic objectives, emphasizing our commitment to addressing climate challenges and fostering
a sustainable future.
Environmental Impact Assessments:
Prior to initiating new projects or collaborations, we evaluate potential carbon footprints, guiding our
project planning and resource allocation to reduce or offset emissions.
Supplier Engagement:
responsible practices
Regulatory Compliance:
We diligently monitor and comply with local, national, and international regulations pertaining to
environmental sustainability and carbon management.
Commitment to Reduction:
Our commitment extends to reducing our environmental impact, integrating sustainability into daily
operations, and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility among our team. These efforts align
with our broader mission of creating a more sustainable and equitable world.
This environmental policy and commitment are integral to the philosophy of Kerosene & Finito, reflecting

our ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation.

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